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Upon the creation of Haewa in 2011, the trio established its foundation by captivating their audiences with fearless improvisation and a heavy blanket of sound. With recent addition of keyboardist/synth wizard Troy Evans and powerhouse groove master Marco Cirigliano, Haewa has built upon these roots to create a brilliantly unique sound that offers a sonic balance between utter chaos and pure bliss. Their sound encompasses unique songwriting, in depth instrumental compositions as well as pure improvisation. Combining the spirit of rock-n-roll with trance-like electronic influences, Haewa drives their audience down the road less taken, into a familiar but enlightening unknown.

"Haewa can be better described by what it isn't.  The group jams, but it isn't a jam band. It circles psychedelic rock, but doesn't get lost in the ether.  It's a rock 'n' roll band that doesn't adhere to merely the one, the four, and the five. It's odd, but not intentionally obtuse...."  

- Frank DeBlase